GSD Educational Services can customize PowerSchool to suit your district's unique needs, or you provide you with pre-built plugins to meet your needs.
  • Alerts
    If you have information that it is vital staff members know about a student, alerts are a great way to display that information. Custom alerts can be created based on one or more database fields, utilizing state reporting logic, or calculations such as the number of activities a student is involved in or their attendance rate. Alerts can be displayed in:
    • the admin portal
    • the PowerTeacher backpack
    • and attendance screens
  • Attendance Letters
    Sending out attendance letters can be a time consuming process. Not only do you have to determine who needs to have an attendance letter sent, but you have get the attendance information out of PowerSchool and into the letter template.

    For even medium-sized schools, this can be incredibly time consuming. GSD can provide a plugin that contains a report about which letters need to be sent (based upon absences and the letters previously sent) and letter templates that pulls in attendance information.
  • Custom Reports
    Oftentimes, you need a set of data that is only tied together, but isn't easy to get out of the student information system together, and you need them on a frequent basis. We can discuss your needs and build custom reports that will save you time and energy by enabling you to get that information with the click of a button.
    • Activities eligibility
    • Attendance rates by class, homeroom, grade level, etc.
    • Counts of how many missing assignments students have
    • Details about grading practices
    • Disaggregated attendance data
    • Lists of student who have missing registration data
    • Transfer in/out students
    • and more
  • Forms on File
    There are many forms that need to be filled out for subsets of students for grant compliance. For example, students eligible for Indian Education need to have an ED 506 form on file for the entirety of their school career.

    This plugin is preconfigured for Indian Education and JOM forms. It includes a report that looks at reporting ethnicity to determine which students may be missing the forms.
  • Opt-Out & Permissions
    FERPA requires districts to allow parents to opt-out of information sharing, and many districts have a process for that. But what about opting out of climate surveys, data collection, or programs? Do you have a place to record information about what parents have specifically opted into - local field trips, media releases, etc.?

    This plugin provides a location to record that, and reports that PowerSchool Admin users can run to determine who haas opted in/out of each item.

    (Easily customizable to your district's needs.)
  • Records Request Response
    A student record request response.
    Responding to records requests for transfer students is a time-intensive task. At best, someone has to reference a checklist, browse to multiple screens, print them all, collate it all, and then go to the cumulative folder for anything not in the SIS.

    With GSD's Records Request Response, you can get most of that information on one screen, with notes about the external departments also have needed paperwork.
  • Report Cards
    The built-in report cards in PowerSchool are very basic. There is little room for customization, and no way to add your school district's logo (unless you print them on pre-printed letterhead).

    GSD Educational Services can help you implement a report card that clearly communicates with parents and matches your school district brand.
  • Section 504
    Are you looking for a solution to documenting Section 504 eligibility and accommodations, but don't want to pay for an ongoing license? We have a solution for that.

    Print meeting invites, record determinations, get a report about upcoming reviews needed, and provide teachers with information about the accommodations that are needed.
  • Third Party Rostering
    We can assist in setting up secure, automated transfers of data from PowerSchool into third party applications such as:
    • AimsWeb+
    • Apex
    • CompuClaim
    • Discovery Education
    • IXL
    • MyOn
    • NWEA MAP
    • Typing Agent
    • and more.
  • Transcripts
    Transcripts are an integral part of permanent records for high school students. Unfortunately, that means it was likely the very first project your district undertook after implementing PowerSchool and since Object Reports are cumbersome and difficult to master, yours could probably use a refresh.

    GSD Educational Services can implement your vision, or provide examples of transcripts and work with you to design a new transcript.

Other Customizations:

  • Immunization Exemption (recording and tracking of expired exemptions)
  • Foster Care information
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