Alaska State Reporting

State/Federal Reporting

Need help completing your Alaska reporting? GSD can help! We have expertise in completing all fo the major student-centered state reports:
  • Fall OASIS
  • AMYA Dropout
  • Participation Rate
  • Migrant Course History
  • Summer OASIS
  • Suspension/Expulsion
  • Civil Rights Data Collection

Child Nutrition Extract Automation

Tired of submitting a new Child Nutrition Extract every time your enrollment changes so that your Direct Certification list is correct for Free/Reduced School lunch? We can help!

Our solution quickly (and cheaply) automates the submission of your extract to the state reporting manager. In addition, you get timely feedback about students who fail demographic validation against the Alaska Student ID System.

State Reporting Audit

Feeling confident in your ability to get the report done, but have some questions about the settings or common errors? Our comprehensive state reporting audits can help. We don't just check your school and district settings, we also take the time to look at your data and recommend best practices that will reduce errors that can lead to unnecessary stress when it is time to submit your reports.
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